Stratexology - The Concept

Stratexology - The Concept

STRATEXOLOGY® represents three separate and complimentary elements.

STRAT represents strategy analysis and formulation of choices, the classic approach to determining an organisation’s desired outcome, the challenges standing on the way to achieving it and the steps to be taken to overcome them.

EX is a contraction of execution, the vital delivery of the strategic formula, including the management of organisational change that often determines whether a strategy is successful or not.

OLOGY means an area of study or interest and is intended to show that strategic formulation should be regarded as being part of the same system as strategic execution, resembling the concept of ‘Ying and Yang’ in having a very high degree of interdependence.

In creating the name STRATEXOLOGY®, we expressed our philosophy that strategy requires a joined up approach to success and our role is to support our clients in learning how to develop strategies that are sustainable and effective, as well as assisting them to manage the organisational change arising from these choices.

Registered Trademark/Servicemark

STRATEXOLOGY® is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom and a registered servicemark in the United States.